Getting started with PLM

Getting started with Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Getting started is as simple as calling the office and requesting a PLM consultation.  No referral is necessary.

The initial visit

The initial visit involves a detailed health history and frequently takes about one hour to complete. On many occasions, recommendations for care can be delivered on the first visit. In some cases, further testing may be required which might involve a referral to other health practitioners. Most commonly, treatment in a PLM circumstance will involve food modeling and/or supplementation, however the application of pharmaceutical involvement through your medical practitioner may be warranted.

Who is a candidate for PLM?

Really, anyone who is suffering from poor health, and yet “being sick” is not a pre-requisite. Some patients want to be pro-active with their health and the PLM model is a fit for those who are suffering as well as those who don’t want to go down that path. Many PLM patients have conditions that have not responded to traditional medical care and they are consequently frustrated with their health.

The initial consult is not a commitment to a long-term treatment plan. More accurately, it is a “fact-finding” mission to determine if the PLM model is an option for your health goals.