Chiropractic Care and Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Michael Breen will be able to help you determine what form of care would best suit the issues you're addressing.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine


One of the most rapidly advancing areas of health science is the understanding of the need for the reduction and removal of toxic substances from our bodies. The impact of environmental toxins on the function of the body is profound and is likely associated with the initiation of many chronic diseases including cancer. It is now known that toxicity is a primary contributor to inflammation in the body. The process of removing toxins from the body, known as cellular detoxification, should not be confused with a “cleanse”, which is related more to the cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract. An effective detoxification approach can improve energy and vitality and should be considered to be an essential part of health improvement.

Weight Loss

It is no surprise that the issue of overweightness and obesity is a major issue for the healthcare system. What is remarkable is that overweightness and obesity are symptoms of the inflammatory process. Gone are the days when weight gain is viewed as a problem of caloric consumption. Currently, weight gain is the consequence of a number of factors including an inflammatory diet, toxins residing in the body, problems with the gut bacteria, and a culture that continues to push unhealthy food habits.  Controlling weight is complex, and yet is successfully managed by applying current scientific knowledge.

Anti-Inflammatory Food Model

Reducing inflammatory influences in the body is a leading edge scientific approach to improving health. Perhaps the most effective way to address this issue is by controlling what we eat. An anti-inflammatory food model focuses on a few simultaneously-applied key elements:

  1. The reduction of sugar in the diet (refined as well as starches and grains).
  2. The increase in the consumption of healthy fats (incorporating elements of a keto diet).
  3. The reduction on the volume of protein.
  4. The optimization of gut health through the use of pre and probiotics.

Chiropractic care

Pain relief

Pain is at the very root of human suffering. The current opioid crisis is a reflection of the extent of how pain affects lives. Chemical (pharmaceutical) approaches to relieve pain are fraught with side-effects and risk. Musculoskeletal pain can be best treated with structural and functional solutions including chiropractic care, massage, and movement strategies. Anti-inflammatory supplementation and dietary modelling is also showing great promise in pain reduction.

Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Breen has spent more than four decades in the field of competitive athletics, sport science, the care of athletes, and in keeping active people active. Sports Chiropractic is more than just unique techniques for athletes – it is also very much about understanding the psychology of active people. Dr. Breen has a very diverse background in competitive sports and brings experience from both the treatment of active people and in being active himself.

Chiropractic Care

Like all forms of health care, the chiropractic profession has gone through changes with advances in science. What is still true, is that Chiropractic continues to be the leader in drug-free pain relief. Chiropractic is also best-in-class for the resolution of spinal pain and joint pain.

Dr. Breen has been providing pain relief and restoring function as a chiropractor for more than 33 years. Pain management that leads to improved quality of life is the primary goal of care.

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