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Dr. Michael Breen is a Chiropractor in central Calgary. His focus is on postural mechanics, pain relief and preserving functional range of motion. Dr. Breen also emphasizes Health Optimization and is a practitioner of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine. He is a co-founder of the Healthy Transformations Program.

Dr. Breen’s clinical philosophy is that healthfulness, energy, vitality and sustained quality of life are easily achievable with customized and personalized chiropractic and lifestyle interventions.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Each human being is unique: Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PLM) recognizes that solutions to health issues must be tailored to each individual. The very best current science has identified that health improvement and the resolution of chronic disease must meet the needs of each patient.

PLM is a composite of diet, supplementation, structural and functional care which leads to sustained health optimization.

Pain Relief & Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic continues to be the leader in drug-free pain relief.  Chiropractic is also best-in-class for the resolution of spinal pain and joint pain.

Dr. Breen has been providing pain relief and restoring function as a chiropractor for more than 33 years. Pain management that leads to improved quality of life is the primary goal of care.

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Why do you need a Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Program?

Poor Health and Chronic Disease robs you of experiencing life. Declining health takes away your enjoyment of family activity, recreation, and travel. A Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Program looks at your unique circumstances and your unique health issues. Time and expertise is directed toward understanding what you want out of life and creating a program that will help you get there. A PLM program will help you to regain your vitality, health, and make your life worth living.

Cookie-cutter healthcare likely hasn’t met your needs. Let a customized PLM program get you on the pathway to health.

How can PLM improve my life?